Hiring a representative

It might be a good idea to hire a representative when applying for a trademark, for example a specialized law firm to help you with the application.

PRV can only give you general advice but not specific recommendations about representatives that might suit you.

A representative can help you with the application process, respond to office actions and give advice. Both legal persons and natural persons can be representatives.

What should I think about when choosing a representative?

  1. You are not required to have a representative when filing a trademark application, but you might need one in complex business situations.
  2. Professional representatives can be found at patent agencies and law firms specialized in intellectual property rights. There are also consultants that focuses on trademarks.
  3. Hire a representative with experience and special knowledge within the trademark field. A representative can help you with things like classification of goods and services, choosing trademark type or what to do if your application gets rejected.
  4. It is important that the representative understands your business and how you should use your trademark. What factors are most important to you? It might be strategic competence, process habit, international contacts or perhaps the connection to copyright or other intellectual property rights.
  5. Check with the representative if there is a risk of a conflict of interest between you and the other clients of the representative.
  6. Representatives are often organized in associations and communities: patent representatives are part of Swedish patent attorneys association, SPOF, patent agencies are part of Association of Intellectual Property Law Firms in Sweden ´, SEPAF, and lawyers are part of The Swedish Bar Association.
  7. You can also search the internet for ”representative”, ”trademark” and “intellectual property rights”.
  8. Contact several representatives to see what they can offer you. Many offer a first meeting without any preconditions. Ask the representative to give you an estimated fee and compare fees between different representatives. Weigh in their experience, competence and fee.
  9. You do not have to be authorized to be a representative in Sweden. However, you need to be authorized to be a representative before EUIPO, the trademark and design registration authority of the EU. On their website there is a tool where you can search for Swedish representatives that can represent you before EUIPO.

Representative and service of process

If you own a Swedish trademark registration but do not live or have a company in Sweden, you must have a representative living in Sweden to receive service of process.

If you do not have a representative in Sweden we consider you served when we have sent the letter to the address stated in the Swedish trademark registry.