Power of attorney

There are two kinds of power of attorney for those who want to apply for a trademark registration with the help of a representative: power of attorney and general power of attorney.

PRV does not require a power of attorney when you apply for a trademark registration, but if you submit one it must be a certified copy through e-identification (online application) or an original document with signature and printed name.

  • The power of attorney authorizes the representative to act on your behalf in all matters concerning the registration of the trademark.
  • If you want the representative to keep representing you even after the registration, it must be stated in the power of attorney.
  • If you live abroad the power of attorney must authorize the representative to receive a service of process in cases that concerns the trademark registration, for example summons. Indictments or a subpoena to appear in court are excluded.
  • If you do not have a service representative in Sweden, PRV can use a simplified service. That means we consider the documents served once they are sent to the address you have entered in your application.

General power of attorney

If you have several trademarks and want to use the same representative for all of them, you or your representative can deposit a general power of attorney with PRV. It will authorize the representative to act on your behalf in all matters concerning your or your company’s trademark.

You do not need to specify which trademarks are covered by the general power of attorney.

Download a form

There are different powers of attorney to download from our website. Think about what you need help with and talk to your representative so the power of attorney is drawn up correctly.