Reasons your trademark cannot be registered

There may be reasons why PRV cannot register your trademark. Read more about the most common reasons below.

PRV cannot register your trademark if it:

  • lacks distinctiveness
  • can be confused with a registered trademark that is valid in Sweden or with a registered company.
  • is in violation with the law, constitution, public order or can be offensive. 
  • contains something that can be perceived as another person’s last name that has special protection, a well-known artist name or a similar name or contains a picture of someone else. This is applicable when the name or the picture is not someone long since deceased.  
  • contains a designation of origin, a geographical indication, a designation of a traditional expression of wine or a designation of a traditional specialty guaranteed.
  • infringes on someone else’s copyright or right to a photographic picture or design.
  • contains a state symbol, flag or other official designation without a special permit.

In some cases when your trademark cannot be registered, a written consent from the owner of a conflicting trademark or company can remedy the situation.