What is a trademark?

A trademark is a symbol or word that characterizes your product or service and distinguishes it from other products or services on the market. It makes your customers recognize your product or service.

You probably know of many trademarks that you buy products from just because you recognize them.

Exclusive rights

Your trademark registration gives an exclusive right: no one else has the right to use the trademark for their products or services, or in their marketing.

The difference between trademarks and company names

Figurative mark/logotype or other

It is not only logotypes that can be registered as trademarks - there are many different types of trademarks. You can also register a sound, a motion, multimedia or holograms.

Read more about what type of trademark that is most suitable for your goods and services.

Different types of trademark

Examples of trademarks

Here you can find different examples of trademarks. Do you know what Hemglass and Carolina Klüft have registered?

Examples of trademarks

Why do I need a trademark registration?

When you register your trademark, you get an exclusive right: no one else has the right to use the trademark for their goods or services, or in their marketing.

Exclusive right

The number of goods and services on the market are constantly increasing. Your trademark becomes more and more important for your business profile and reputation.

The safest way to get an exclusive right is to register your trademark with PRV. The registration is valid for ten years and can be renewed another ten years at a time, an unlimited number of times.

The exclusive right means no one else has the right to use the mark for their goods and services or in their marketing. Should someone use your mark it could be infringement and you can turn to The Patent and Market Court to pursue legal action. The court can both ban further infringement and impose a fine or prison sentence.

Do you want to increase the value of your company?

The trademark helps you to reach customers and potential business partners or investors. Registering your trademark is an important part of your business strategy and could lead to better business deals.

License your trademark

Transfer your trademark

Pledge your trademark

Order certificates

What do the symbols ™ and ® mean?

™ is used to show that, for example, a word or a figure is used as the sign for a trader. The use of ™ lacks legal significance in Sweden.


™ is used when you want to show that a word or a symbol is being used as a trademark. The symbol ™ does not have any legal significance in Sweden.

® Registered

The ® symbol is used to show that a trademark is registered. Using ® does not have any legal significance in Sweden. However, it is in violation with the Marketing Act to use the symbol for an unregistered trademark in Sweden. 

Complement your trademark protection

You might also need a patent or a design registration? Read about the differences here.

Differences between the various exclusive rights