Classifying goods and services

When you apply for a trademark registration you must specify the goods and services you want to use the trademark for - that is the basis of the protection.

You must also specify which classes your goods and services belong to.

The purpose of the classification

The classification makes it easier for PRV to find any conflicting trademarks.

It is also important that you are careful to place the goods and services in the correct classes and use the correct terms.

The Nice Classification

All goods and services are divided into different classes according to an international system called The Nice Classification. The system is made up of 45 classes where classes 1-34 are different goods and classes 35-45 are different services. The division of classes for goods are mainly based on the material or the area of use, while the division of classes for services are based on professions or the result of the service.   

Nice Classification (external website)

Basic structure for classification

The following table shows the basic structure for classification.

Class Content
1-5 Products from chemical industry and associated industries.
6-14 Metals and goods made of metal and in some cases also goods that are not made of metal.
15-21 Other technical products.
22-27 Textiles (raw materials and products from associated industries).
28 GGames, toys, exercise/sporting equipment.
29-31 Food products.
32-33 Beverages.
34 Tobacco and products from associated industries.
35-45 Services are divided into eleven classes. The division is based on the businesses that provides the services.

Classify - specification

With the help of the basic structure you can get an idea of where your goods and services belong. After that you need to further specify one or more areas. There is a list of all the headings of the classes. You can use that list to figure out the correct class for your goods or services.

Classification headings 11 2020 (pdf 93 kB)


TMclass is a tool that helps you classify goods and services online. The tool consists of a comprehensive list of goods and services.

TMclass - online classification tool (external website)

Classify without class headings 

Below you can find information about what to do if you cannot classify your goods or services based on the class headings or in the list of goods and services.

Classifying goods and services beyond the list of classes

Further information

From January 1st, 2014, some of the terms in the class headings must be further specified as part of EUIPO:s efforts to harmonize the practice among the member states.

More information: new practice for classification

Customer support

If you are uncertain about the classification of your goods and services our customer service can help you. It is important that the classification of your goods and services is correct since you cannot add classes or goods and services once you have submitted your application.

Customer support