Here you find databases about trademarks with information that comes with a trademark registration.

Swedish Trademark Database

In our Swedish Trademark Database, you can find trademarks which have been granted registration in Sweden. The database contains information about the owner of the trademark and which goods and/or services it covers.

Swedish Trademark Database (opens in a new window)

EU Trademark Register

In eSearch plus, you can find detailed information about Community trademarks. The register is provided by the European Union Intellectual Property Organization (EUIPO).

eSearch plus (external website)

International Trademark Register

Here you can find detailed information about international trademarks (international trademark rights). The register is provided by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva. 

Madrid monitor, International Trademark Register (external website)


TMview is database of registered trademarks from all over Europe. Swedish Trademark Database is connected to TMview.

TMview (external website)

CF Similarity

CF Similarity is a search tool which shows whether given goods and services are considered similar (and to what degree) or dissimilar according to the respective participating IP Office. PRV uses this tool for guidance only, as a reference to current practice. This material is not necessarily comprehensive, complete, accurate or up to date. Based on the circumstances, in the individual case, PRV's assessment may differ from the one displayed in the tool.

Accordingly, PRV does not take any responsibility and will not accept any liability whatsoever with regard to the contents of the database. In particular, the database should not be considered as professional or legal advice (if specific advice is required, please consult a suitably qualified professional).

CF Similarity (external website)


Discover the contents of the library. BiblioteksSök provides access to scientific publications – journals, books and articles both printed and electronic.

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