Medtech with focus on value of patents

Seminariedag, PRV tillsammans med EPO: Computer-implemented inventions in Medtech with focus on value of patents for SMEs. Seminariedagen hålls på engelska.

The one-day conference “Computer-implemented inventions (CII)  in MedTech with focus on value of patents for SMEs” deals with the IP protection, primarily through patents, of the innovation in the large and fast-growing field of Medical technology. It provides information on what can be patented both from the medical and the computer points of view as well as on IP strategies and on how to optimise the commercialisation of MedTech innovation . Recent case-law from the EPO and from national perspective is also discussed as well as successful stories from MedTech SMEs. 

Target groups

Businesses and commercialisation experts in the field of MedTech such as:

  • SMEs and start-ups
  • Business consultants and advisors
  • Industry
  • Industry researchers
  • Investors
  • Public sector and university researchers
  • Students and faculty
  • Technology transfer officers

För program och anmälan

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