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Applying for a trademark

If you want to protect your trademark in Sweden, you can apply for protection at PRV. It is possible to apply either online or by printing out and completing a form found below. The form can be completed on the screen, but must be printed out and signed. Applying using our online service is cheaper than if you choose to send your application by post.

If you are going to apply for protection for several trademarks, you must complete one application for each trademark.

Fill in your application carefully

Once you have filed your application, you cannot change the trademark in a way that changes its overall impression. To do so, a new application is required. Therefore, be careful that everything is correct and make sure that the attached reproductions are clear.

How long is a trademark registration valid?

It is valid for 10 years. After that, it can be renewed for 10 years at a time, for any number of times.

More information

Our tool for electronic filing allows you to file a trademark application using English language to indicate goods and services. Please note, however, that the further correspondence between PRV and you as an applicant, and with any third party will be carried out in the Swedish language. 


Trademark Application – form

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