Sweden ranks second in the world in innovation

This year's report from WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) places Sweden in second place among the most innovative countries.

The Global Innovation Index measures the ability of 131 countries to create a good climate for innovation. This is the second year in a row that Sweden ends up in the second best place in the ranking.

- Sweden as a country consolidates second place in the annual survey of innovation globally, it is a good starting point to develop from. We continue to improve our overall ability to convert intangible assets into increased value, not least in the area of ​​climate-smart environmental technology, says Peter Strömbäck, Director General of PRV, the Swedish Intellectual Property Office.

Global Innovation Index, top ten:

1. Switzerland

2. Sweden

3. USA

4. Great Britain

5. The Netherlands

6. Denmark

7. Finland

8. Singapore

9. Germany

10. South Korea

Read the report, European Commission (external website)