Applying for design protection

A Swedish design application relates to Sweden and is filed with PRV. With a design registration you protect your product's appearance, but not its function.

Here you can find all the information you need to prepare and file your application.

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Summary of the application's contents

The application must include the following:

  • Information about yourself as the applicant, the agent (if applicable) and the designer.
  • Attached document of assignment (if applicable).
  • Indication of product and class for your design.
  • Information regarding multiple registration (if applicable).
  • Attached images.
  • Attached model (if applicable).
  • Information regarding priority (if applicable).
  • Information regarding secrecy (if applicable).
  • Attached power of attorney (if applicable, when an agent is going to represent you in all matters concerning your design application).
  • Current fee and your method of payment.
  • Signature, printed name, place and date.

Information about the applicant and any agent

An application can have one or more applicants. If several of you are applying for design protection together, you must all give your names and addresses. You must also state who the contact person is. If you have chosen to use an agent, you must state the agent's name and address.

Information about the designer

The name and address of the designer must be stated in the application. You must also inform us if you, the applicant, are also the designer. If there are several designers, their names and addresses should be given on a separate sheet of paper. Remember that only physical persons, not companies, can be designers.

Attached document of assignment

If you want to register a design that someone else has created, you must attach a document of assignment showing that you have the rights to the design. The designer is always a physical person. That means if you want a company to apply for design protection for a design that you have created, you must transfer (assign) the design rights to that company. This does not apply if you have your own private company.

Indication of product and class for your design

In your application, you need to classify your design. That means you must first state an indication of the product, indicating which item or items you want to register your design for. For example, it could be a chair, a box or a spoon.

Information regarding multiple registration

You can include several designs in the same application, if the products or product parts belong to the same class. Ornaments can also be included in a multiple registration, as they now belong to only one class: 32-00. Please note that you cannot expand the scope of your application after filing, so it becomes a multiple registration. All designs must be included from the beginning.

Attached images

You must always attach images of the designed object in your application. We will not consider your application as filed if images are missing or if they are so unclear that the design is not visible. Please note that the filing date of your application is counted as the date we first receive a clear image showing the design.

Attached model

If you want, you can submit a model of your design. The model must not be larger than 40 cm in any direction or weigh more than four kilos. Further, it must not be made from perishable or hazardous material. Even if you submit a model of your design, you must always send images which can be used in publication. However, it is the model which we will consider as representing your design.

Information regarding priority

If you have previously applied for design protection in another country, you can claim priority based on that application. The Swedish application is then considered as filed on the same date as the foreign application. That can be important, for example, if someone else files an application for a similar design at around the same time as you. In order for us to approve your priority claim, you must file your Swedish application within six months from when the first application relating to the design was filed abroad. If you want to claim priority, you must state the date of the foreign application, which country it was filed in and the relevant reference number.

You must claim priority when you first submit your application. It is not possible to claim priority later on in the processing of your application.

Information regarding secrecy

Your application becomes a public document once it has been filed with us at PRV. However, there are some parts which you can keep secret for a certain period of time. Secrecy can be very important, for example, if your design relates to a fashion product that you do not want to make public until the product comes out on the market.

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Attached power of attorney

If you have an agent, their name and address must be stated in the application. The agent must have a written power of attorney to represent you in all matters relating to your design application. 

Correspondence in Swedish

Please note that any text accompanying the design application, such as the denomination of the product will have to be in the Swedish language. Please also be aware that all correspondence between PRV and you as an applicant and with any third party will be carried out in the Swedish language. 

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