When you file your application with PRV, you have to pay a filing fee and multiple registration fees (if applicable).

We can only begin processing your application when the filing fee and any multiple registration fees have been paid. Please note that we cannot accept payment by debit card or invoice.

Additional fees

In addition to the filing fee and possible multiple registration fees, various additional fees may be charged. For every additional product class beyond, we charge an extra class fee. If more than one image is necessary for your design to be considered as fully shown in our Design Registration Journal, you have to pay an extra publication fee for each image. If you submit a model of your design, we charge a storage fee. If your application is for registration of a design for more than one five-year period, you also have to pay the application fee and additional fees for those periods.

Wait for filing confirmation

It can be an advantage to wait with payment until you have received filing confirmation, which you get in the post a few days after filing your application with us. Your application number is written on the filing confirmation, which you can then give as a reference when paying.

Payment of other design cases

If your payment concerns other design cases, for example a renewal, it is important you state that on the paying-in slip. Further, you must state the name of the owner (not the agent, if any) and the relevant application number or registration number.

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How to pay