Your application becomes a public document once it has been filed with us.

However, you can request that the images or model showing your design are kept secret for a certain period of time. This secrecy can be very important, for example, if your design relates to a fashion product that you do not want to make public until the product comes out on the market.

Must be stated in the application

If you want your design to be kept secret, you must state that in your application. You can never request secrecy after you have filed your application. We can keep your design secret for a maximum of six months from the filing date or, if you are claiming priority, from the priority date. Remember to also state how long you would like the application to be kept secret for. If you are planning to submit the images by email and the application form by post, it is important that you state in the email that you want your design kept secret and for how long, as the date PRV receives the images is counted as the application date.

Other parts of your application and diary information concerning the application remain public.