Why design protection?

As an innovator, you may have a unique design that you have invested both time and money in developing.

If you want to protect the design so that no one else can copy it, you should apply for design protection.With a design registration you protect your product's appearance, but not its function.

If your application is approved, you will be granted design protection which is valid for a maximum of 25 years. The protection is an exclusive right and prevents others from using it. No one else can manufacture, sell, import or hire a product that infringes your design protection.

Easier to find business partners

If you choose to protect your design, it can be easier to find others to work with. Design protection shows that you have an exclusive right, which can make it easier to get people to invest in your idea.

If someone copies your idea

In the event that someone would use your protected design, despite you drawing their attention to the fact that you have design protection, you could be able to take pursue legal action. The Patent and Market Court can then ban the infringer from continuing to use it, and you can receive damages. Sometimes the court can even impose a fine or prison sentence.