Design protection's validity

Design protection gives you exclusive rights to your design and prevents others from using it. That means no one else can manufacture, sell, import or rent a product which appearance or overall impression is not significantly different to that of your design.

Design protection is valid for a maximum of 25 years. The registration is valid for one or more five-year periods, counted from the date that you filed your application. When you submit your application, you can state how many periods you would like your registration to be valid for. Alternatively, you can renew your design protection at the end of each five-year period.

For a design relating to a component, which is used to repair a composite product and restore its original appearance (a spare part), the registration is never valid for more than a maximum of three five-year periods (a total of 15 years). Please note that we do not examine whether the part in question is a spare part or not. That also means we do not examine whether the registration can be valid for a maximum of 15 or 25 years.