Easy return of deposit bottles

Have you ever thought about how many plastic bags you use when you return deposit bottles and cans?

To make returning them easier, Lilian Blomberg created a transporter in the form of a soft crate, which is now design protected.

Drinks crate that is soft

Lilian Blomberg came up with the idea of a bag made of a strong material and decided to sew her own design. The result was so good that the design is both manufactured and sold today. The bag works just like a drinks crate, but it is in a soft material. When the bag is stored at home, it opens upwards and the bottles stand upright like in a normal crate.

Convenient design

When it is time to return the deposit bottles and cans, the crate can be easily lifted up. The bottles then end up in a lying position, surrounded by a handle that makes it possible to both carry the bag and keep the bottles in place during transport. The crate is also easy to fold up and can be washed if it gets dirty.