For children in the sun

The sun can be both uncomfortable and dangerous. So, in order to make it easier for parents to take their children out on sunny activities, Maria Nygårds and Sofia Smedshammar designed a sunshade for prams.

For active parents

The sunshade is easily attached to a pram and, with 50 to 99 percent UV protection, it prevents UV rays from reaching the child. The motivation behind Maria Nygårds and Sofia Smedshammar's ideas is wanting to make it easier to take children along on different activities, such as trips to sunny places.

Their own company

In order to produce and sell their inventions, Maria Nygårds and Sofia Smedshammar have started the company Axel and Ida AB. Today they have protected the appearance of several of their inventions with registered design protection. For example, they also have a floral raincover.