Intellectual property

What do patent, trademarks, designs and copyright have in common? They are all protected by intellectual property rights.

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Bibliographic references to articles and books on intellectual property and related subject areas can be found in the database Innova. Innova refers to the library’s collections of printed material. Most of the articles or books are available to be read on the premises. Dated material is archived; ask us and we will retrieve it for you.

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BiblioteksSök allows you the possibility of performing a combined search of books and journals from different databases, including Innova, as well as the library catalogue.

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In our list of journals you can find an overview of the library’s intellectual property e-journals.

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A small selection of e-books are available; these may be read on the premises.

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Juridical books

The library catalogue Libris provides you with a list of intellectual property and juridical books purchased during the past few years.

Libris (external website)

The library provides access to databases, books and journals; both in print and electronic. If you have any questions or queries don't hesitate to contact us.


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