Copyright training programmes

PRV offers a variety of trainings within copyright. We cover all levels, from basic to advanced. If you do not find the training you are looking for, we are happy to design a training concept according to your specific needs.

A legal expert from PRV teaches this course on the basics of copyright. What is protected by copyright? What does copyright imply? Are there any exceptions? Are there copyrights on digital platforms?

Copyright, basic knowledge is one of our Take Away trainings – we can bring the training to your office. If you choose to come to PRV, the training is held exclusively for your group of participants, and you will be able to discuss specific questions of your choice without interference. If you work within marketing or communication, Copyright, basic knowledge is a highly relevant training for you. This course is also relevant if you work in business counselling.

Number of participants: According to agreement
Time: 3 hours
Location: PRV Stockholm or at your office
Price: Depending on setup, number of participants, and location. Please contact us for further discussion.
Information and reservation: 

Do you have specific requirements not mentioned here? Please let us know. At PRV there are several copyright experts. We offer company-specific trainings according to your needs. The training could last for half a day, up to several days, and is held exclusively for your group of participants. Please contact us for further discussion.

Edited 2023-02-10