Questions and answers

Here we answer frequently asked questions about the service.

What is included in the service?

  • Create a user login and an account.
  • Enter the email address for notification.
  • See information on cases and documents available for PCT and national trademarks.
  • Search among your cases.
  • View and download documents.
  • Links to application services and deposit account.
  • Links to databases.
  • Choose language, Swedish or English, in the interface of the service.

What does the plan for new development look like?

So far, PCT and national trademarks are available on My pages, but PRV will continuously expand its service and add more case types.

In what ways can I log in?

Choose one of the ways below to log in to My pages:

  • Mobile BankID
  • Bank ID
  • EPO smartcard

Log in to My pages (external website)

What is an account administrator?

There are two different permissions for users in an account: read permissions and administrator privileges.

The account administrator can edit the account's details, add or remove users to the account, and change permissions for other users in the account. The administrator can also delete or archive messages.

Readers have access to the account with all messages and cases, but are not allowed to make changes associated with the account.

The person who creates an account automatically becomes an account administrator.

How do I access an existing account?

To access an existing account, you must be invited by an account administrator for the account. For an account administrator to be able to find you and add you as a user to your account, you need to have logged in at an earlier time and approved the terms of service in My pages.

What do I do if I do not see any of my cases?

If you provide your organization number or social security number when submitting a new trademark application or your customer number when you submit a new PCT application, the application will be linked to your account on My pages. Older issues do not automatically connect. Contact PRV, if you wish to link older issues to your account.

Email to customer support:

Who do I contact for assistance with the service?

If you have questions about My pages, please contact our customer support.
Telephone: +46 8-782 28 00

Email to customer support:

How secure is the service?

To access the service, you must authenticate with Swedish e-ID (BankID or Mobile BankID) or EPO smartcard. Users in My pages can only see cases associated with accounts that they have been invited to or created by themselves.

Edited 2019-07-12