PRV is a non-profit-making government authority essentially financed by fees. That means our services are provided on a cost basis. You can choose between standardized searches at fixed prices or customized commissions for which we charge by quotation.

Terms of payment

Please note that if a customer requires special terms or conditions for payment, these must be clearly communicated to and accepted by PRV InterPat before work on the commission is started.

How to pay your search service

You can pay your search service in two ways, by invoice or via a deposit account. When it comes to official fees, these can at your request be drawn from your deposit account, or paid to PRV's bank account.


If you choose to pay your search service by invoice we send it to you after we have completed the mission.

National payments

Bankgiro: 5052-6698

International payments

Due to a new framework agreement, all state authorities, must change to Danske Bank. For PRV's international customers this entails a new IBAN number.

Payments are to be made to the following account number.

IBAN: SE1712000000012810107165

Bank address:
Danske Bank Sverige
Norrmalmstorg 1
Box 7523
103 92 Stockholm

Contact PRV InterPat

You are most welcome to contact us to discuss your needs.

Telephone: +46 8 782 28 85
Fax: +46 8 783 01 63

PRV InterPat Secure

Use our online service PRV InterPat Secure to order your search as well as to download your search report.