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Before you apply for a patent, you should explore your options. If your idea is already known or protected, it is not worth trying to patent it. A simple preliminary investigation gives you the chance to stop or change the course of your development work in time.

Do your own search

With the search options PRV offers, you can investigate yourself whether your invention is already known. If you would like information about how the searches work, our library staff is available to help. Remember that even if you do not find anything, it does not automatically mean that you will get a patent. The databases and registers are good tools, but they do have their limitations and a patent examiner can find material that you did not. Further, there are other conditions than the criterion of novelty that your invention must meet.

PRV's online service Swedish Patent Database is a completely free search service. Here you can find patents and public patent applications which cover or could cover Sweden.

Swedish Patents Database (external website)

The patent database esp@cenet is another good tool. It contains over 60 million documents from all over the world and you can search, for example, using key words or class headings.

Espacenet (external website)

Doing your own search can be both time-consuming and complicated. You can choose to transfer the search to our search operation or to a private actor who provides similar services.

Get help with your search from PRV Consulting

We offer a variety of search services, which means that we analyse, combine and process the facts and information for you. That saves you time, and gives you a better basis for your decision and greater security regarding a potential patent application. The investigation is carried out by a patent examiner and gives quick answers to a variety of questions, such as if there are other solutions similar to your invention, what competitors you have or what the latest technology in your area is like. With the help of the results, you can build a picture of how your invention would compete and whether it is worth investing in your idea.

The investigations you order from us are confidential. No one will know that you have commissioned a service from us. Please contact PRV Consulting if you would like to know more about our search services and how we can help you.

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Not all known technique is patented

The answer might be found in research articles.

Use BiblioteksSök (external website)

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