Search and technical examination

When the application is correct regarding formal requirements, the substantive search and examination start.

A technical examiner, a civil engineer expert in the relevant technical field, will go through the application.
The examiner

  • will find out what is the invention
  • will find out what you think and if the invention seems to lack novelty.
  • go through the patent claims.

Search tools

In the next step, the patent engineer examines if your invention seems to lack novelty or to what extent it is similar to prior art. Different tools are used for that search, for instance

  • databases
  • scientific publications
  • technical journals
  • internet
  • books etc.  


After the search an examination of the invention's patentability is made by comparing it with the results from the search. A final check is made together with a colleague to secure the quality of the search, examination and the result.

After the examination

After the examination, you will either receive a technical notice or a final notice. The notice is either in Swedish or English, depending on the language you have chosen.