Time to the first technical opinion in a national application

We always strive to process your patent application as soon as possible.

Obtaining the first technical examination in a national application usually takes six to seven months from the filing date, the day you submitted your application. It rarely takes more than nine months.

The waiting time is because the databases we search in order to be able to judge whether your technical solution is new, are updated with some delay. We therefore usually do not begin any examination until after four months.

In the end of 2020, the waiting times for a first technical opinion have been:

Mechanics: 8 months

Electronics: 7 months

Chemistry and Biotechnology: 6 months

If you ensure that the most important formal requirements for your application are met, you will help us speed up the process.

If PRV has a very high workload, we will prioritize applications that have not yet received a first technical opinion.

If you wish to complete an international patent application in Sweden (in accordance with Chapter 3, Section 31 of the Patent Act), PRV will send a first technical opinion no later than 40 months from the priority date or the international filing date.

The average delivery time for a further technical opinion is about eight months, but it depends on the area in which you have applied for a patent. Currently, it rarely takes longer than 14 months.

In the end of 2020, the waiting times for further technical opinions have been:

Mechanics: 6 months

Electronics: 7 months

Chemistry and Biotechnology: 4 months

Time for final notice

About three quarters of the patent applications have received a final notice, rejection or approval, within two years from the filing date. It is on condition that you have rectified all the shortcomings that PRV has pointed out. You rarely wait more than three years, but it happens if, for example, your application has needed many additions. If you submit a supplement or argument in your case, you will hear from us no later than 12 months after we have received that information, but usually it goes faster.

In most cases, you can expect to have our final notice within two years of the filing date.

This page was updated on 2020-07-01