Checklist for the application

Four important points to remember:

  • Keep the invention secret, at least until you have filed the application.
  • Investigate whether your invention is new before you apply for a patent.
  • Make sure your application is as clear and complete as possible.
  • Apply within 12 months, the “priority year” if you want to patent your invention in other countries.

Do a quick check of your application

  1. Are you the sole inventor or are there others?
  2. Have you found out what similar technology exists, and incorporated it as prior art in the general part of the description?
  3. Make sure all the technical features which are characteristic of your invention are included in the description.
  4. Check that all the necessary information is included in the patent claims and that they correspond to what is written in the description.
  5. Have you decided if you want the patent granted in Swedish or English?
  6. Complete the application and sign it.
  7. File the application and pay the filing fee.

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