Communicating with PRV

The application procedure at PRV is written and correspondence with us is usually by post. If you want to ask any questions orally, you can ring us or ask to meet a handling officer in person.

A handling officer might also contact you by telephone, if there is an issue that can easily be solved over the phone. A written notice from PRV cannot only be answered orally.

Oral conference

You can also request an oral conference, where you have the opportunity to personally present simpler details in order to help the processing of the case. We make an official note of what emerged at the conference.


A hearing is a more formal meeting which the applicant has the right to. If you request a hearing, PRV will summon you in writing, and the minutes of the hearing will be taken. Hearings are particularly common in opposition cases and all parties are then called to be present.

The hearing is lead by a chairman, usually a head of unit from the Patent Department or another particularly experienced handling officer. The patent examiner handling the case also participates in the hearing. If the hearing concerns issues which should be decided by a lawyer, according to the Patent Department's rules of procedure and decision, one also participates.

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