Responsible editor

A person must be registered as the responsible editor.

The Freedom of the Press Act includes rules regarding sole responsibility for the content of a periodical. These rules mean that a person must be registered as the responsible editor. It is the owner's responsibility to appoint a responsible editor and notify PRV of who that is.

Who can be a responsible editor?

A responsible editor must be a physical person, appointed by the owner of the periodical. The owner and the responsible editor can, but do not need to be, the same person. The responsible editor can be a Swedish citizen or a foreign national, but must be resident in Sweden and be at least 18 years old. He or she must not be bankrupt or under trusteeship.

Notification can be made by submitting the following authorization documents:

  • A certificate of freedom from trusteeship – a certificate proving that the editor is not under a trustee. The certificate is issued by the chief guardian/chief guardians' committee in the municipality where the editor is registered at the time of application.