Why intellectual property rights?

Intangible assets often account for a high proportion of an enterprise’s value. These assets are not physical in nature. Innovations, trademarks, agreements, trade secrets and the specialist expertise of employees are all examples of intangible assets. We give you the tools you need to identify your intangible assets in order to boost your profitability.

Does your business have unutilised assets?

This test will help you identify and convert your intangible assets into valuable resources.

Test your business!

BiBB Instruments

The company BiBB Instruments has its origins in clinical research at Lunds Lasarett.

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The desire to protect the head combined with the reluctance to wear a helmet.

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It is the transience that is the very core of the business.

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Les Mills

The BODYPUMP workout is celebrating its hundredth programme in many clubs around the world. 

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Paradox Interactive

Five million customers who spend thousands of hours in front of the computer. 

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Virtually everything to do with the lorry has been done quietly. 

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