Information about patents

The world is full of clever technical and patented solutions! When you as an entrepreneur see information on the solutions as knowledge concerning the outside world, concerning existing inventions and concerning the opportunities in your markets, you add value for your business.

The quantity of information, the variation and the speed with which information is generated increases and will continue to increase for the foreseeable future.

For your business, collated and processed information concerning patents will increase knowledge and generate value for the company. Using the information is a strategic tool to acquire knowledge when you develop technology and the company’s business model. 

The Swedish Patent Database - a source of knowledge 

The granting of a patent means that, at the same time as you acquire exclusive rights to your invention, you also publish your innovation. This publication means that the innovation can be searched for and information on the technique will become available. 

The Swedish Patent Database contains over 100 million technical solutions described in a structured form which can be searched. This free information gives your business an opportunity to obtain a picture of how your markets are developing, your competitors’ technical solutions and what exists at the cutting edge of the technology. 

Commercial advantages with the information 

There are considerable commercial advantages to be gained by strategically collating information. When you as an entrepreneur convert the information that has been collated into knowledge concerning the outside world, opportunities in markets and existing inventions, value is generated for the business. 

What are the benefits of the information?

  • Technological development – what developments will take place over time?
  • Alternative to research and development – has a solution to the problem already been developed?
  • Validity – when can the company act without infringing someone else’s rights?
  • Start-up – which are the biggest/most active actors?
  • Partners – are there potential collaboration partners?

There are numerous ways of working with the information. Here are some examples: 

  • External monitoring – continuous monitoring of the market.
  • Big data – collect and process large volumes of raw data more effectively.
  • Benchmark – compare your product with existing inventions.
  • Open innovation – make your solution available and inspire new innovations.
  • Inspiration – development opportunities through the ability of others to innovate. 

Access to patent information 

Patent information consists of technical, legal and commercial information. Based on these parts, it is possible to find usable information which can be converted into knowledge. 

  • Technical information - the solutions that are available for a problem.
  • Legal information - the patent’s status and risk of patent infringement.
  • Commercial information – based on competitors’ technical development, position yourself strategically, predict the competition and find collaboration partners.

PRV can help you. PRV InterPat offers search services within patents, trademarks and designs for customers in return for a fee. The processed information within a specific technical area can be used as a basis for analysis and decision-making. Private companies also offer similar services. 

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