Information about registered designs

Remember that every design that anyone has ever considered worth protecting as their own is collated in our databases! These databases contain over 10 million design registrations described in a structured and searchable form.

Commercial benefits

There are considerable commercial advantages to be gained by strategically collating information. When entrepreneurs convert the collated information into knowledge of the outside world and opportunities in markets, they generate value for their business.

Here are some examples of what you can find out by searching in our databases:

  • Has my design already been registered?
    You can find out whether similar designs are already registered by searching for a specific class and also see which products are protected within your particular sector.
  • Can I get inspiration for my product development?
    Absolutely, allow yourself to be inspired by previous designs.
  • Can I launch my product on a market where someone already has exclusive rights which are similar to mine?
    This can be both problematic and expensive. You can search the databases to see whether similar designs are already registered to make sure you do not infringe anyone else's rights. As an entrepreneur, future entrepreneur or designer, you want to make money and the question of infringement is therefore an important one. If you were to infringe anyone else's rights, you may have to pay damages.
  • What protects my competitors?
    You can monitor your competitors by regularly searching the databases for specific enterprises or designers.
  • In which countries and geographic regions are my competitors?
    By searching for specific enterprises or designers, you can find out the countries in which they have protected their designs.
  • Which enterprises, designers or competitors have the largest design portfolios?
    You can find this out by comparing what is of interest for your sector and seeing what their portfolios contain.

If you want to know which designs are registered, who the holders/designers are and which products the registrations cover, you can search the following databases:

If you want to search amongst newly registered and renewed design registrations, the following web publications are available:
Web publications

If you need more guidance, contact our customer support:
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