Applying for a trademark

You can apply for a trademark registration at PRV, either through our online application or by printing and filling in the paper form below.

Be thorough while filling in your application

Please note that four criteria must be met for your application to get a filing date:

  1. It must be clear that it is an application
  2. The name of the applicant must be clear
  3. The application must include a representation of the trademark
  4. You must include a list of the goods and/or services that you wish to register the trademark for.

Once you have submitted your application, you cannot change the trademark in such a way that alters the overall impression of the original trademark. Such alterations to a trademark require a new application. You cannot add goods and/or services to the application either. Therefore, you need to be thorough while filling in your application to make sure all the information is correct and that the representation of the trademark is clear.

If you have more than one trademark that you wish to register, you need to fill in one application per trademark.

Apply through the online application

Our online application may, in some cases, have a reduced fee compared to when you apply with a paper form.

Swedish trademark application (external website)

Apply using a paper form

You can fill in the application form below directly on the screen, but you need to print it and sign it before you submit the application.

Trademark application – form in Swedish (1,4 MB)

For how long is the trademark registration valid?

A trademark registration is valid for ten years from the filing date. After that it can be renewed for ten years at a time, an unlimited number of times.

More information

Our online application is available in English. Please note, however, that the goods and services in your application need to be in Swedish. Further correspondence between PRV and you as an applicant, will be carried out in Swedish.

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