Before the application

Before you apply for a trademark registration there are several things that you need to know to make the best choices possible.

Requirements for your trademark

First you need to figure out if your trademark meets all of the requirements for trademark registrations. Is it unique? Does it infringe on any existing trademarks?

Requirements for your trademark

What kind of protection do you need?

Decide which way to go when applying for registration of your trademark:

  • Do you plan to use the trademark in Sweden only or are you planning on expanding outside of Sweden?
  • What options do you have and which suits you best?

International protection

Classifying goods and services

In the application, you need to specify the goods and services that you use your trademark for. You also need to specify which class the goods and services belong to.

Classify goods and services

Do you need a representative?

Sometimes you might need to hire a representative to deal with your trademark applications. At the same time, it can be difficult to know how and who to choose. To make your choice easier we have put together a guide for you.

Guide for hiring a representative

Useful information

We go through useful information that you need know before you submit your application.

Guide before you submit your application

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