Decision and publication

When we have examined your application, we make decide whether to register, dismiss or refuse the application.


If we cannot find any conflicting rights, or other reasons why your trademark cannot be registered, your trademark is registered. Once it is registered you have exclusive right to the trademark.


If PRV has sent you an office action and you do not respond in time your application will be dismissed.

You can reinstate a dismissed application if you respond to the office action and pay the reinstatement fee within two months from the deadline of the office action.

If you do not agree with the dismissal decision you can file an appeal instead of reinstating the application. The appeal will not try the reason for PRV not registering your application, it will only try whether PRV dismissed the application on the right grounds. 

Refusal, total or partial

If PRV finds conflicting rights or other reasons why your trademark cannot be registered we will send you an office action. An office action is a letter that you can respond to.

If you respond but PRV decides that there is still reason your trademark cannot be registered for all or some of the goods and services, we will refuse your application totally or partially. If not all goods and services are affected by the reasons in the office action we will only refuse the part of the application that is affected. This means that you will have a registered trademark, but not for all goods and services included in the application.

You can file an appeal

When we partially refuse an application, the part that can be registered will be pending until the partial refusal is final. The application will be registered and published once the partial refusal is final.

If you do want to wait for the partial refusal to be final before the rest of the application is registered, you can apply for a division of your application. When the application is divided, PRV can register the trademark for the goods and services that are not affected by the refusal.

We charge a fee for the division application.

Trademark fees and payment


When your trademark is registered it is added to our trademark registry and published in the Swedish Trademark Gazette.

The publication is made so that the general public will have an opportunity to oppose to the registration. Someone might claim they have an established right to the same or a similar trademark.

Swedish Trademark Gazette

Order certificates