Guide to trademark application

This guide walks you through information that is important when you apply for trademark registration. The information is presented in different steps to give you a better overview.

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This is how you apply for a trademark registration

1. Your trademark has to be unique

One of the criteria for a trademark to be registered is that it is unique. Find out if your trademark is one of kind before you apply.

Tips for a unique trademark

2. Search our database

In our database Swedish trademark database, you can find trademark registrations that are valid in Sweden. You can search for trademarks that are similar to yours.

Swedish trademark database (opens in a new window)

3. Requirements for your trademark

Your trademark has to be unique, distinctive and not confusingly similar to other trademarks. It cannot be in violation with the law or constitutions, or violate someone else’s rights. Find out if your trademark meets the requirements before you send in your trademark application.

You can find a list of requirements here.

4. Add the right class for your goods and services

When you apply for a trademark registration you must add the goods and services that your trademark is used for. The goods and services are divided into different classes. The goods and services in the classes you have added to your application will be the basis of the protection.

You can find information about classification of goods and services here.

5. Fill in a trademark application

If you want to apply for a trademark registration in Sweden you can use Swedish trademark application, an online application. When you apply online you increase your chances of including all required information and therefore, the examination will be faster. You also get a reduced fee compared to when you apply with a paper form.

Swedish trademark application, online application (external website)

You can find application forms here.

6. Fees and payment

The fee covers the examination cost and must be paid regardless if your application leads to a registration or not. Therefore, it is good to follow this guide so that your conditions for registration are the best possible.

You can find trademark fees here. 

Companies that manages their trademarks have higher growth, profitability and better progress. You are on the right path!