Change of representative or new representative

When you apply for recordal of a new representative you must include a power of attorney with an original signature.

The power of attorney authorizes the representative to represent the owner. It must be signed by the owner (the authorized signatory if the owner is a company) and include the printed name.  

If the representative has registered a general power of attorney with PRV you can refer to that in the application and include the number of the general power of attorney.

An application to remove the representative can be submitted by the owner, the representative or someone else that is authorized to represent the owner.

When changing representative details or adding a new representative you must use two forms, "Ombudsfullmakt för varumärke – Power of attorney" and "Ansökan om anteckning/förnyelse avseende registrerat varumärke".

Change or removal of representative, online application (external website)

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