Time to response - renewal and recordal

The time to response for renewals and recordals is depending on how many applications we are receiving.

When we have reviewed your application, you will receive an email or letter informing that your trademark is registered or you will receive an office action. The office action means that there are details missing in your application and that you may need to supplement the application with more information.

If you have chosen to receive communication via e-mail and the message is delayed, please check your spam folder.


Our examining system allows you to renew your registration electronically and pay directly through e-payment. The registration will be renewed the following day.

If you apply on a paper form or have a deposit account, it currently takes 2-4 weeks before you get a response.


It currently takes about 8 weeks before you get response on your application for a change of trademark.

Pledge agreement

We are examining requests to register a pledge agreement directly.