When do I get a response?

All trademark applications are handled in the order they are received. Therefore, the number of received applications affects how long it takes before your application is examined.

You can speed up the process by using PRV’s online application, Swedish trademark application. When you use the online application, you increase the chance of having an application that is filled in correctly and thus, your application will be examined faster. You may also get a reduced fee compared to if you apply using a paper form.

Swedish Trademark Application, service online (external website)

Be careful when filling in your application so that everything is filled in correctly. If you have general questions about trademark applications you can call our customer support.

Customer support - you are welcome to contact us

If you find it difficult to fill in an application on your own a representative can help you.

Things to consider when hiring a representative

If your application is not filled in correctly you will receive an office action. It is recommended that you respond as soon as possible. The examiner will not proceed with the examination until we has received your response.

Keep in mind that your application must meet these four criteria in order for your application to get a filing date:

  1. It must be clear that it is an application
  2. The name of the applicant must be clear
  3. The application must include a representation of the trademark
  4. You must include a list of the goods and/or services that you wish to register the trademark for.

To get an idea of your chances we recommend that you perform searches in at least one trademark database before submitting your application. You can see if there are any similar trademarks registered.

You can find links to several trademark databases here

The number of received applications affects how long it takes before your application is examined. We continuously publish updates on our website regarding time to response.

Time to response