Order certificates of trademarks

You order certificates for trademarks with the form below. The delivery time is around five working days. There are four different certificates to order for trademarks:  

Registration certificates for trademarks 

A registration certificate is a written certificate for a trademark that has been registered. The certificate includes, among other things: 

  • what trademark it is 
  • registration number 
  • who owns the trademark 
  • the products and services for which the trademark is registered 

The certificate is in Swedish. It is created and sent automatically to the holder or the holder’s representative when the trademark is registered. 

Historical certificate for a registered trademark 

A historical certificate contains the same information as a registration certificate. It has information on the changes that took place for a trademark since it was registered, such as owner changes, address changes and changes to the trademark’s appearance. 

Seniority certificate for trademarks 

Seniority certificates are used to verify seniority when applying for an EU trademark at EUIPO. The certificate which is also called a certificate of registration contains the same information as a registration certificate and has information on the final date of validity. The general texts of the certificate are in both Swedish and English. The product and service list is only in Swedish. 

Priority certificate for trademark 

A priority certificate is used when you as the applicant want to request priority in a different country. It is of interest if you have a trademark in Sweden and want to protect it abroad. You must request priority within six months from when your Swedish application was submitted to us at PRV. 

Fees for certificates 

You can find the prices for the various certificates in our fee list. 

List of fees for trademarks 

If the order concerns a registration certificate for your company name, you must contact the Swedish Companies Registration Office. 

Swedish Companies Registration Office (external website)

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