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Systems for International Design Protection

Den 6 september anordnar vi på PRV en heldagsutbildning i några av de internationella system som finns för att skydda design. Förmiddagen hålls av EUIPO och eftermiddagen av WIPO. Kursen ges enbart på engelska och allt eventuellt material som delas ut kommer att vara på engelska.

This one day training will give you a walk through of International Design Protection provided by EUIPO and WIPO administrators of the Hauge system.

Target Groups

Main target groups are designers, innovators, IP advisors (eller advisors in IP related matters), artists, painters, writers, paralegals, IP coordinators, design examiners, people involved in design protection matters and others in need of learning the basics of International Design Protection and the systems available.

Course description

If you would like to protect your design in several countries, there are two ways to cover the whole of Europe with a single application. This course will focus on the two different registration systems for design protection in Europe administered by EUIPO and WIPO.

Morning session

Registered Community design administrated by EUIPO

Registered or unregistered protection?
You have two choices:

protect your design with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) before you commercialise it and obtain a registered Community design (RCD) or,commercialise it directly without registration by relying on what is known as the unregistered Community design (UCD) right.

The option you eventually choose will depend on the impact that it has on your design portfolio strategy.

Afternoon session

The Hague Agreement - International Protection administrated by WIPO

WIPO administered systems of international protection significantly simplify the process for simultaneously seeking IP protection in a large number of countries. Rather than filing national applications in many languages, the systems of international protection enable you to file a single application, in one language, and to pay one application fee.

Subjects that will be on the agenda during this one day training:

  • Filing procedure
  • Who can file and how
  • Regulations
  • Examination procedure
  • Registration, Rejection, Withdrawal, Reinstatement
  • Invalidity procedure
  • Designation and related questions (WIPO)
  • Possible pitfalls, risks


  • Design class (EUIPO)
  • Design view (EUIPO)
  • Global Design Database (WIPO)


  • WIPO: Ms. Päivi Lähdesmäki, Head, Legal Section, The Hague Registry, Brands and Designs Sector